What has Hinterstoder to offer you during the winter:


By cable car (railway) you can reach the ski-area Hutterer Boden quite fast, where different seats and cable-elevators depart. There are about 14 different descents from different levels, about 30 km in total. The ski-card is also valid for the Wurzeralm with 20 km piste, about 30 minutes from Hinterstoder by car. More information:


Ski season

Hinterstoder (650 mtr.) and the ski area up to 2000 meter. The location at the north side of the alps and protected bij surrounding mountains, the area is a real "Schneeloch".  The season begins in the early december until the half of april.  

On the Hutterer Boden there is a “langlaufloipe” which a length of 3 km, a “Sunny Kids Park” for the youngest and a playing ground called “Midget nest”. Of course  there are a lot of bars and restaurants for a time-out or to end the day in a pleasant way. 



In Hinterstoder are about 28 km's of “langlaufloipen”, that will take you through a landscape with a lot of variation in a beautiful nature environment. In the whole valley the are more than 120 km’s of loipen. 





1,2km long rodel track is opened till 23.00 PM. Of course you can’t miss a romantic ride by horse-sledge.
In our hotel we have several prospects about excursions in the area and other activities. We ourselves also organize walking trips for our guest.



What has Hinterstoder to offer you during the summer:



The Stoder-Valley borders to the Kalkalpen-reservation park and has beautiful possibilities to go for a walk.  

On your way through, there are several stop points where you can take a break to have an old-fashioned “Stoder”-meal. Whether you want to climb or just walk, everybody will find his way around here. This area is known for it’s deer’s and it won’t be impossible that you will come eye-in-eye with two brown deer-eye’s. Especially from September, the paring season, it’s a real enjoy listening to the deer’s calling out in the rutting season trying to get  attention. 


More information :








Besides walking, you can also play a game of tennis, swim, para-glide, ride with a bicycle (you can rent them) or fitness.

In Hinterstoder there is a mini-golf course, but the real golf player definitely has to go to the real golf track of Edlback (±30 min.). 



There are so many things to do, and with the Pyhrn Priel Aktivcard in the sommer, most tings are for free! You don´t have to pay for the swimmingpools, the bus, museum and the cablecars in Hinterstoder and Wurzeralm! 




On page Downloads & Info you will find several maps and information about public transportation.


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